Is your security equipment actually keeping you safe?

Is your security equipment actually keeping you safe?

Simply having security cameras on your property isn’t going to keep you safe if they’re improperly setup, placed at the wrong location or if you’re using subpar equipment. Learn how you can avoid these mistakes and make sure you have a fully functioning security system in place.

The installation, maintenance, and upgrading of your security equipment is one of the most vital parts of having a fully functioning security system. This can deter intruders, keep track of unforeseen accidents, and prove to be a valuable asset for any business.

Are you adequately prepared for all security incidents and emergencies? Having a fully functional and properly setup security system can deter and protect your business in the case of intruders, both as a preventative measure and helping to catch perpetrators after an incident.

But this always isn’t the case, as simply having a security system isn’t going to be an effective tool unless used properly.

Having subpar security equipment, improperly installed or wrongly placed camera, could prove disastrous for your business, as they don’t truly contribute to your overall security and can provide false confidence.

For criminals and intruders who have prior experience, spotting and evading these issues can be quite easy, and leave many businesses wondering what happened in the face of an incident.

Thus it’s important to consult with your security provider on the scope and effectiveness of all your equipment. This means inquiring into the distance cameras can reach, the most vital points they should be placed, whether they are more suitable for indoor or outdoor, what are some of the different recording and backing up systems available, and the potential weakness of your existing security system.

Knowing all this background information can provide useful not only for you, but give you an adequate idea of how to setup and install your entire security system, as when used in conjunction with other security tools like alarms, security dogs, and motion detectors can add several layers of additional security to your business, keeping it safe and sound from intruders.

Additionally consulting with security experts can help bolster and improve your security system. This is because they have the years of experience and expertise to both pinpoint and outline weakness in your security system and how to best protect against them.

They could also evaluate your current security system, provide positive feedback and give you examples of what type of security system is used by other businesses similar to yours, such as what type of security system a jewelry business should have, what type of security clearance should employees need, what’s the best way for uploading and keeping your video backed up and safe, what are some of the common pitfalls and limitations of your security system.

Knowing this information could prove beneficial for any business looking to stay safe and keep their wits about them from criminals and intruders looking for a weakness to exploit.

Once identified this will help you develop an outline of what security equipment you will need and make entering the marketplace and the purchasing process a lot more refined and easier to navigate, as you’ll know exactly the equipment you’ll need to ensure you’re adequately protected, saving you time and money in the long run.

This can be used in conjecture to negotiate and get the best price from vendors and experts to ultimately offer you the best value for your buck.

You wouldn’t shrimp out on equipment needed for your business, why would you do so with your security system?
After following all these instructions, you’ll have a properly setup and functioning security system that not only keeps you protected and safe but requires very minimal maintenance and upkeep, leaving you the time and effort to focus on your business objectives and goals. Ultimately adding to the overall usefulness of your business and possibly one of the best investments you can do.

For more information regarding how to best secure and stay protected against all threats feel free to send a message or check out one of our products. Keeping you safe is our job.