When was the last time you did a routine check of your equipment?

When was the last time you did a routine check of your equipment?

Performing routine checks on your safety and security equipment is paramount. This ensures you're adequately protected when you need it. While preventing against unforeseen accidents and incidents. Such as spills, broken equipment, or unsafe conditions.

A simple easy task performing proper inventory control can save not only money but time. This is a result of preventing injuries, ensuring ROI, and proper safety rules.

Having the ability to perform routine checks ensures you get the best ROI for your purchases. This enables you to make more informed purchases and budget properly. Contributing to a fruitful and lasting business.

Performing inventory allows businesses and homeowners to have more control over their environment. Whether this is security or safety. As it allows businesses to manage and have a better idea of what's happening. Such as how to properly store a product, when to perform a repair, and how to dispose of products safely.

All of these measures ensure businesses are prepared against all unforeseen incidents. While also keeping up with any industry standards and policies. Making sure they don't face fines or put any of their employees or customers at unneeded risks. Such as illness, injuries or accidents.

We had an incident recently where a client of ours had improperly stored a safety product. Which almost lead to an employee getting injured. This could have prevented by taking the extra steps to store their safety equipment properly.

After this incident, we were consulted to perform an audit. We were shocked to learn that they had no inventory control policies or procedures in place. This leads to improper storage of equipment and multiple purchases of the same item. All of these could have easily been prevented. Saving this company both time and money.

But luckily you don't have to wait for an accident to start implementing routine checks.

You can do this by performing monthly or weekly inventory checks. This guarantees that you're taking notes, ensuring proper stock and storage of your equipment. This also prevents unforeseen problems such as broken, malfunctioning, or improperly installed equipment. While leveraging good habits and ensuring you're keeping up with industry standards.

This is important as different companies are faced with different policies according to industry.

A restaurant will have different storage and maintenance policies than a printing company. This will reflect how and where they store and maintain their equipment. This should be under consideration when arranging and performing inventory control. Figuring out and find your own industries safety and security policies is important. As it can save you time and effort down the road. While keeping your employees and customers safe and sound.

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