Your businesses’ PPE Program: Survey & Equipment Selection

Your businesses’ PPE Program: Survey & Equipment Selection

In my last post, I outlined at a high level what steps are needed to design a PPE program that will serve your business. In this post, I want to point out two critical steps to moving closer to an effective program.

Once you’re ready to get into the nitty-gritty of this program design, you need to perform a survey of the workplace to identify the specific hazards that exist in the workplace.

Certain things are going to be self-evident. However, other processes will need to be observed closely to spot the hidden dangers. Reviewing work practices, equipment usage, process flow and layouts can all play a role in deciding the controls & PPE recommended…. You are looking to identify and control any potential hazard at its source. Be thorough, think of everything, and remember that some tasks may require more than one form of PPE.

When selecting your PPE consider the following:

  1. Matching the PPE to the identified hazard is critical.
  2. Obtain input from all stakeholders; Staff, management, and PPE sellers.
  3. Consider the ergonomics of the PPE.
  4. Be realistic and consider cost as well.
  5. Conduct training on the PPE.
  6. Regularly audit your PPE program.